Is good news coming our way with regards to travel – we really hope so! Rumour has it that taking that double jab will pay off in more ways than one!

By Design Holidays | June 23, 2021 | Posted in: Holidays in Europe

Please, please, please give us poor Brits a break, as a majority we have stuck by the rules, we have stayed home for months on end (in the middle of a very bleak Winter), we have been careful with our social distancing, we have protected our NHS and elderly, and more importantly we have fully supported the Government with getting our double vaccinations as and when called… so now is the time to release us!!

Here at Design Holiday HQ we wait with fingers crossed for some good news tomorrow….

Do you want us to provide you with a no obligation quote (just in case the rumours are true and no quarantine for Amber lists) that way you are ready to book straight away if we get the ‘green’ light to travel, contact us today by email. Be ready to go….

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