Luxury Holidays In Sardinia, Italy

Welcome to our Sardinia Collection the home of the 2 of best resorts in Sardinia : Forte Village & Chia Laguna. White sandy beaches and beautifully clear turquoise water with an unmatched paradise of peace and tranquility together with the best rates make the Forte Village & Chia Laguna Resorts the best family beach resorts in Sardinia.

Sardinia Holidays

Sardinia is a mix of sandy beaches and mountainous regions, and nature at its best. You can save up to 20% on your next Sardinia holiday vacation when you allow Design Holidays book your trip.

Sardinia is a Mediterranean island, located in the west of the Italian peninsula between Italy, Spain, Africa and France. Sardinia is the second largest island on the Mediterranean and has three national parks, more than hundred beaches, sixty wildlife reserves, secluded coves, beautiful bays, natural monuments and mountains.

The indigenous languages spoken in Sardinia are Italian and Sardinian. The currency spent on the Island is Euros (€). There are five provinces in Sardinia, Cagliari (capital city), Nuoro, Oristano, Sassari and Sud Sardegna.

Navigating through Sardinia

The island of Sardinia has 3 international airports. The first, Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is located in Olbia, Sassari.  The second is Alghero-Fertilia Airport to the north-northwest of the city of Alghero, 23 minutes’ drive, to the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte, Strada, Alghero. The third airport is the Cagliari-Elmas Airport, situated in Elmas, Cagliari.

The main road in Sardinia is the SS131. The highway links the north, with the South of Sardinia, through Sassari and Cagliari, Oristano, Olbia and the hinterland Nuoro

Food and drink During Your Trip to Sardinia

Beer is frequently drunk in Sardinia. Drinks in Sardinia include Malvasia, Vernaccia, Cannonau, Vermentino, Filu Ferru, Abbardente, Semidano and Mirto liqueur.

The most famous foods are the Chivarzu (large bread) and pane carasau (thin flatbread). Other foods include:

  • Fregola
  • Pecorino
  • Prosciutto di Pecorino
  • Charcuterie

Travel and Tourist Sites in Sardinia

There are a lot of activities in Sardinia, from visiting breath-taking beaches, outdoor adventures and classy coastal cities. Here are some places you would love in Sardinia:

  • Gennargentu National Park: Gennargentu National Park is the second largest national park in Sardinia. The park is on the east coast of the island, between Nuoro and Ogliastra. 4miles from Foresta di Montes.
  • Nuraghe Su Nuraxi: Nuraghe Su Nuraxi is an archaeological site, in the south of Sardinia. The site is located on Viale Su Naraxi, Barunmi
  • Nereo Cave: Located in the north west of Sardinia, Nereo Cave is a sea-cave in Alghero, 17.4km to Neptune’s Grotto.
  • Grotta di Ispinigoli: Grotta di Ispinigoli is a cave, with mineral formation at the coast. It is the largest cave in Sardinia, located in Dorgali, Nuoro.

Resorts in Sardinia

Design Holidays has a collection of some of the best resorts, at a competitive rate in Sardinia. You can choose from any of our assortments, in Forte Village and Chia Laguna Resorts

  • Hotel Castello at Forte Village: Our special offers include half board (including 1/2 bottle of wine and mineral water, when dining), and discounts for early bookings.
  • Chia Laguna: Design Holidays special offers include 15% early booking discount, on selected dates, half board and accommodation, plus free child places.
  • Bouganville at Forte Village: Our offers include 20% discount for couples, half board including wine and 15% off, on family offers.

We are an insider’s guide to the best resorts and hotels in Sardinia. To access more offers, call us now on +44 (0) 1444 87 2200.