Don’t delay in booking your Summer Holiday, we offer you complete Peace of Mind with our Covid Cancellation policy.

By Design Holidays | March 24, 2021 | Posted in: Holidays in Europe

Please don’t delay in booking your Summer Holiday based on the word of the ‘Scientists’. They have done an amazing job of guiding the UK through this pandemic but they will always ‘err on the side of caution’, we need to listen to the Government and follow their advice, Boris is still saying “it is too early” to make an announcement on travel and he is correct, 3 months is a long time in Covid times, look at the UK back in January and look at us now… so much can happen!

You can though still book a holiday, it is perfectly legal and very much available, now is the time for the special offers as our Resorts/Hotels have been working really hard to entice the British holidaymaker back to their shores. Once travel is given the green light (whenever that may be, April, May or June) the offers will stop  and the prices will rise (just look at our UK holiday resorts/hotels, increased demand equals increased prices).

Contact us today for your holiday quote and don’t forget we offer a full Coronavirus Protection Policy, which is basically if you are unable to travel to your chosen holiday destination due to Government Coronavirus travel restrictions we offer you two options:

  1. To move your booking free of charge to an alternative date whilst retaining the price you paid (not always possible)
  2. A full refund plus the return of deposit

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