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By Design Holidays | August 20, 2014 | Posted in: Holidays in Forte Village

We often get asked what makes our Forte Village Resort in Sardinia so fabulously popular?

Q : Is it the Forte Village accommodation?

Q : Is it the Forte Village nightlife?

Q : Is it the Forte Village beaches?

Q : Is it the Forte Village sports academies?

Q: Is it the Forte Village Kids Club?

Q : Is it the Forte Village celebrity chefs / restaurants?

Q : Is it that it’s only a mere 2hr 45 min flight from most top European cities?

The answer is quite simply none of the above, but the real answer would be ‘all of the above’. Forte Village is not only Europe’s finest resort, but has more sporting facilities than any other resort of it’s type in the world let alone Europe.


Forte Village nightlife and fine dining

With weekly prices for a family of 4 (2 adults / 2 non school age children) this September starts from as little as £1720 to include family bungalow accommodation with half board / wine with meals there has never been a better time to stay at the Forte Village in Sardinia.



For more Forte Village information, please visit our Forte Village website or contact our Forte Village booking team on 01444 87 22 00 /

Forte Village beach

Forte Village fun for all the family

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Forte Village Fitness weeks with Matt Roberts







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