Forte Village Refurbishment

By Design Holidays | October 20, 2014 | Posted in: Holidays in Forte Village

As part of the large refurbishment being done at our Forte Village resort in Sardinia (which will take 3 years), we have been asked what is being refurbished, and how will it affect our Forte Village holiday clients.

So what better way to explain what is happening than via the latest Forte Village Video, which shows how the many rooms / suites / bungalows at Forte Village look now, and how they’ll look when they are refurbished. Other areas of the Forte Village Resort to also be refurbished include a new beach area with stunning sports facilities and include a stadium to attract worldwide recording artists and one off sporting events.

Forte Village Resort Sardinia

Q:How will it affect my holiday at Forte Village ?

A: These fabulous refurbishments shouldn’t affect your Forte Village holiday in anyway for a variety of reasons. Firstly the Forte Village Resort is closed from October – April, thus that is when the main works are being done. Furthermore the project will be undertaken over a 3 year period, so when there are guests in attendance at Forte Village there will be no inconvenience to our guests.

Bouganville Hotel Rooms at Forte Village

To view our latest Forte Village Video showing all the updated accommodation types and Forte Village Resort refurbishments, please click here for our Forte Village Video.


Forte Village Refurbished rooms – luxury Forte Village

For all Forte Village information, please visit or call our dedicated Forte Village booking team on 01444 87 2214.





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