Corporate Event Specialists To Abama Tenerife

By Design Holidays | November 9, 2011 | Posted in: Corporate Travel

For the last 18 years Design Holidays have specialised in many Corporate Events overseas catering for as many as 300 people for the Virgin Atlatic Group to small groups of 10-20 Tennis Players.   When organising a Group trip the logistics may seem daunting which is where Design Holidays expertise can help in taking the stress out of the sometimes thankless task it presents.  Working with one of our events co-ordinators, the seemless organising approach gives you the opportunity to shine in what is a fantastic opportunity to bond ones company employees or social club.   These events prove so popular they are already being planned as soon as the plane touches down on the return leg of the trip.  For more information on one of our many resorts either E Mail or call on of our Sales Consultants on 01444-872200

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