Blaauwbosch is a luxury Safari Holiday with the ‘big five’ on a private game reserve lodge in the malaria free Eastern Cape area of South Africa. Blaauwbosch offers a unique and private African wildlife safari experience where guests can relax in comfort.

Design Holidays are proud to recommend our clients to stay at one of South Africa’s finest safari lodges – Blaauwbosch with best rates guaranteed.



The Blaauwbosch Lodge

Blaauwbosch Private Game Reserve Lodge is a discrete collection of thatch roofs in a crisp unspoiled landscape. Set in the heart of the Malaria free foothills of the Winterhoek mountain range in the Karoo, Eastern Cape, the lodge is newly established but is mindful of the sensitivity of its location. The reserve, in the heart of the Karoo, Eastern Cape, offers a unique and private experience where guests can relax in comfort. Blaauwbosch Private Game Reserve Lodge’s luxurious chalets are spacious, air-conditioned and have their own dressing rooms, full bathrooms, verandahs and mountain views.

Blaauwbosch Hosts

Husband and wife team, Craig and Gill Cullingworth are hands on owners, and under their guidance Blaauwbosch private game reserve in the Eastern Cape has blossomed. Gill’s eye for detail ensures that guests experience subtle luxury and good service. The development of Blaauwbosch Private Game Reserve is part of an energetic initiative to bring meaningful work to the families that live in the Eastern Cape beyond the more viable cities. With key experienced staff in place the talent is spread and expertise grows by the month.

Blaauwbosch Safari

Your senses come alive as you encounter the sights, sounds and smells of the bush on an African safari at Blaauwbosch private game reserve. The smell of the bush is rich and exotic for those new to it but for others this familiar territory and a deep breath is always a reminder of why you return. Karoo sunsets turn the sky into a wash of burned orange and deep purple. It is at this moment that rangers pause for refreshments at a high vantage point. As night falls the open Land Rovers move on.

Discover a wide variety of game

Game drives at Blaauwbosch private game reserve are led by professional rangers. The rangers have extensive big five game knowledge, which means you are likely to view lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, antelope, abundant birdlife and rare flora on our game drives. This is a birdwatchers paradise and binoculars are trained to spot rare specimens amongst the abundant birdlife. The latest exciting project for the reserve is the introduction of cheetah. Visitors to the private game reserve are also treated to one of Blaauwbosch’s specialties – an African wildlife “walk and stalk” safari. This exciting safari involves the shadowing of the fastest of all land hunters, the cheetah, as it stalks its prey.

Relax at Blaauwbosch

The colours of the Blaauwbosch lodge are earthy and muted, with the polished floors scattered with richly colored carpets. The cool, spacious interior offers a perfect sanctuary against the scorching African sun. The bush is all around you and while you may intend to read for an hour or so there will be distractions. The private game lodge is surrounded by bush where birds and animals appear unexpectedly. You are a spectator of their daily sport.

Blaauwbosch luxury Safari accommodation

There are moments when you need your own space in the bush. Blaauwbosch big five private game reserve in the Eastern Cape offers six world class suites that accommodate fourteen guests. The luxury accommodation is spacious and designed to create your own sanctuary. They all have mountain views, generous bathrooms and dressing rooms. At Blaauwbosch private game reserve, beds are not simply made; they are dressed in fine linen with an eye to a private or romantic cocoon in the Eastern Cape.

Fine African Safari Cuisine

A late and substantial breakfast after the early morning game drive fuels you for the day. South Africans are renowned for loving good food and good wine. The emphasis of the dinner menu is on African cuisine with fresh contemporary flavours and a nod to universally appealing dishes. Guests are encouraged to venture beyond their familiar repertoire of tastes and match food with a fine selection of South African wines.


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