Great (or should that be ‘Green’) news about Portugal, now we wait 3 weeks for Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Greece to be added! Travel WILL be happening this Summer

By Design Holidays | May 8, 2021 | Posted in: Holidays in Europe

Mixed emotions here in the office yesterday evening when the extremely limited ‘Green’ list was announced… fantastic news about Portugal and believe us when we say the demand is huge, we know you are all desperate to get away to some guaranteed sunshine, we feel the same way!

However, don’t panic if your chosen Country is not currently on the ‘Green’ list, a lot can happen in a few weeks, Europe are well underway on their vaccinations, they are not too far behind Portugal (and indeed us here in the UK) we are extremely positive that Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Croatia and Greece will be added before July. If you wish to have a chat with any of our sales team or have any questions about travel, booking, refunds etc then please do get in touch, you can easily reach us all on the generic email or please do call Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm 01444 872200.


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